Manchester City Council

Taxis & private hire Taxi licence fees

Private hire vehicle applications

These fees do not include cost of vehicle tests and any plates, stickers, other consumables or notice fees.

  • New application: £148
  • Renewal: £144
  • Variation (replacement) and renewal application: £162
  • Beyond the age application (charged in addition to the renewal application fee): £77

Vehicle test fees

Charges in addition to the above application fees

  • Vehicle is brand new (delivery miles only) - MOT tests one per year £60
  • Vehicle is less than 5 years old - MOT tests two per year £120
  • Vehicle is more than 5 years old - MOT tests three per year £180

Fees for application or notifications during the currency of a vehicle licence for both hackney carriage and private hire vehicles:

  • Transfer application £77
  • Replacement application £148
  • Accident inspection or spot check £60
  • Inspection test £60

Sticker packs

  • MCC identification stickers pack (bonnet, not insured x 3 and no smoking x 3): £12
  • Operators name sticker pack (2 wing and 1 rear) - these are ordered and paid by the operator only: £10

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Was this page helpful?