Manchester City Council

Taxis & private hire Taxi licence fees

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  • Change of name (includes document appointment only, to obtain a replacement paper licence and badge see fees under 'Replacements'), a new DBS is also required): £29
  • Change of address: £18,

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

See process, details and charges


  • Replacement paper licence: £12
  • Replacement badge: £15
  • Vehicle cherished registration number (replacement paper licence and rear plate): £24

Plate pack and manuals

These fees are only payable at the garage

  • Rear plate pack (cost depending on number of hologram stickers): between £14 and £20
  • Rear plate pack without rear flexi plate, (cost dependent on number of hologram stickers): £9 and £15
  • Front plate pack: £9
  • Front plate pack without flexi plate: £4.50
  • Vehicle inspection manual (cost of current stock): £5

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Was this page helpful?