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Safe donation guide

Thank you for considering making a food donation.

Manchester's food charities need good quality food to provide nutritious meals to those in need. Each charity's needs differ and so do their specialisms,  however, between the consortium of third sector organisations we can use  produce from all food groups such as fresh fruit and veg; chilled food; and ambient products. We can also utilise ready meals, frozen produce and household items.

In order to accept a donation all surplus food products must be labelled correctly. 

  • Food past its ‘Best Before’ date can be redistributed 
  • Food past its ‘Use By’ date must not be redistributed (unless it has been frozen and relabelled prior to the date expiring). 

By making a donation you are confirming that all of these requirements have been met. This means that we are able to safely and legally redistribute food. 

  • The food has been stored in line with your food safety management system. 
  • The food is not past its ‘Use By’ date’ 
  • Store and transport the food safely – follow the storage guidance.
  • If the food is chilled, it has been stored at the correct temperature, at all times.
  • The food is clearly labelled (or supplied with this information) with; date label, storage and use/cooking guidance (as well as other legally required information, such as ingredients with allergens, highlighted).
  • If fresh food is going has been frozen,  it was meets the following criteria:
    • You can demonstrate the date that the food was frozen. 
    • Prior to freezing the food was in an acceptable condition and suitable for freezing (e.g. as indicated by manufacturer’s instructions).
    • The food is frozen all of the way through to the core.
    • You can supply information relating to the food and its freezing to the receiving organisation – including information about when the product was frozen and instructions for defrosting and cooking
    • The food is re-labelled. For food carrying a ‘Use By’ date, demonstrate that the freezing process commenced early enough to ensure that that the food is frozen by or before midnight of the day of the expiry of the ‘Use By’ date1 .
  • If supplying surplus near or beyond its ‘Best Before’ date, all products are of sufficient quality,  pack integrity is maintained and you can indicate how long each will be good to eat. You can use the WRAP/FSA/Defra guidance for this .

More details and information can be found here

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