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How to keep yourself safe while cycling

Did you know:

Every year in this country over 16,000 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road accidents. Most cycling accidents happen in urban areas where most cycling takes place. Nearly three quarters happening at, or near, a road junction with T-junctions being the most commonly involved. With roundabouts being particularly dangerous junctions for cyclists.

How to keep yourself safe while cycling:

  • Be visible to other road users and pedestrians: steer well clear of the kerb, wear bright or fluorescent clothing in daylight and in poor light and reflective clothing at night. Always use lights after dark, in the rain or if the weather is overcast;
  • Don't ride in the gutter: give yourself space on the left, and don't feel you have to hug the kerb if a car behind you gets impatient;
  • Protect yourself: always wear a helmet as this reduces the risk of head injury if you are involved in a crash;
  • Show drivers what you plan to do in plenty of time: always look and signal before you start, stop or turn;
  • Make eye contact with drivers: and let them know you've seen them; 
  • Ride decisively: don't weave between lanes or change direction suddenly without signalling; and 
  • Use cycle facilities: wherever possible; these include cycle lanes and paths, advanced stop areas for cycles at traffic lights, and so on. These facilities can make your journey safer.

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