The Council and democracy Governance Arrangements

A commitment to good governance

To demonstrate our commitment to good governance we have produced a Code of Corporate Governance that sets out the standards the Council will meet to ensure it is doing the right things in the right way for the right people in an inclusive, open, honest and accountable manner.

The Code of Corporate Governance is a long and complex document but the commitments described in it can be broadly summarised by the ten commitments to good governance set out below.

1 We will clearly set out our objectives and what we’re trying to achieve.

2 We will measure how effective our services are and take action to improve them. We will publish information showing how we are progressing towards our objectives.

3. We will work with other public services, such as the Police and NHS, to improve services for Manchester residents.

4. We will ensure we make the best use of taxpayers’ money by taking prudent financial decisions and measuring the level of value for money we achieve.

5. We will set out in our Constitution who can take which decisions.

6. We will behave in ways that reflect our values and high standards of conduct.

7. We will ensure people in the Council making decisions have access to accurate information to help them take decisions in the best interests of Manchester people.

8. We will record and publish the decisions we take and the reasons for them. Wherever possible, we’ll take the most important decisions in public.

9. We will carry out scrutiny of our services to make sure they meet our residents’ needs.

10. We will be sensitive about how we collect and record information about citizens of Manchester , and safeguard it from misuse.

Each year we assess how we are meeting our standards of governance and record this in our Annual Governance Statement. The statement includes a review of the effectiveness of the governance framework, progress with governance issues identified in the last statement, significant governance issues identified during the year and other actions to improve our governance.

Our external auditors conduct an annual review of the statement and use this as part of their work to inform their Value for Money Assessment on the Council’s Accounts.

We are committed to ensuring that partnerships the Council enters into to support the achievement of its objectives adhere to high standards of governance practice. Our Partnership Governance Framework sets out how we promote high governance standards in partnerships and how we monitor the effectiveness of partnership governance arrangements. You can also see the questionnaire we use to assess partnership governance standards. 

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