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The Council & democracy Our annual report 2016/17


Here is a summary of each section. You can also download the full 2016/17 annual report.

Our city

Manchester has entered a new and exciting phase. We are pushing forward with our ambitious new plan called Our Manchester. New and upcoming developments will create economic growth and new opportunities for residents and our world class infrastructure means the city is becoming more accessible and connected locally and globally.

Our strategy and objectives

Our Manchester is the new strategy for the city and it sets out the city’s priorities up to 2025. Manchester residents and partners helped to develop the strategy with over 2,300 people and organisations contributing their views. Our shared long term vision and short term goals have been set based on what you value most. 

Our city-region

Manchester’s success is linked to that of Greater Manchester. The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is chaired by the Mayor of Greater Manchester, and has a raft of new devolved powers bringing decisions closer to local people. GMCA is working to improve the city-region by driving public service reform, growth and prosperity.

Our Governance

In Manchester we elect 96 councillors to represent the city's 32 wards and to make decisions in a clear and open way. See a summary of our decision-making process, and how we manage risks and ensure vital services remain available when there are emergencies.

Our funding and our spending

This year, most of our income came from government, the rest was from business rates, council tax and other income. See how this was spent and invested in services to help support people in our city to enjoy a better quality of life.

Our performance

See what's been achieved as a result of our spending. For each of the main services we provide, we describe what we did and what was achieved throughout the 2016/17 year.

Our Manchester

To do everything we committed to in the Our Manchester Strategy, there’s a lot of change in our approach and the way we work. The Our Manchester approach is a redefined role for the Council and public services which puts people at the centre of everything we do. See more about this approach and the 2017/18 Our Manchester Delivery Plan.

Our future

We have a long term vision for 2025 and we’ve also set some short-term goals for 2020, investing firstly in what you said you value most: children in need, roads and pavements and vulnerable adults. We’re also investing now in early help, preventing future problems. See our top eight objectives for the next three years.

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