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We’ve been reviewing our spending plans for the second and third years of our three-year budget and the Council’s Executive has met to discuss our proposals ahead of our budget being finalised at a Council meeting on 2 March.

We have adjusted the original budget for 2018/19 set last year, taking changes this year into account, including the impact of austerity and a longer-living population, many with health problems, needing social care. Our proposals also take into account increases in demand for some services – like children’s social care, support for homelessness and the need to reduce the impact of reductions in Government funding in some areas.

Council Tax

Our original budget, set last year, proposed to increase Council Tax for 2018/19 by 4.99% – with 3% of that to meet increasing demand in adult social care. But due to a change in how Greater Manchester-wide services are funded, and changes in the way business rates income is allocated across Greater Manchester, we are able to reduce the proposed Council Tax increase to 3.5% for the next year. For most residents (paying Band A Council Tax) that's under £30 a year extra for Council services on their bill. We know that many Manchester residents face hardship so it’s important to reduce the impact on them as much as possible while maintaining quality services.


In line with priorities people told us to focus on in consultation last year, we propose increased funding for:

  2018/19 2019/20
Services for adults (excluding homelessness) £5.759m £15.115m
Homelessness £3.495m £3.495m
Children’s Services £6.882m £7.126m
Corporate Core (including Highways) £2.255m £1.490m
Growth and Neighbourhoods £2.105m £2.105m
  £20.496m £29.331m

See these proposals in full in reports to scrutiny committees. They include:

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