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Using the new website

Introducing the new responsive website
Our new website is much more user focused, this mean's we've developed and planned the site to suit your needs. The site is responsive which means that you are able to access it on a variety of different devices, whether that be a mobile, tablet or personal computer.

Accessing services

The search bar has been made more more smarter, it will predict search results just like Google!


There's a variety of different events always happening in Manchester, we've improved the layout of this feature so you are easily able to navigate through it and find the event your looking for.


We still continue to produce council news, but don't worry you can still view all of our old news stories in the news archive.

News page

Social links
We have a list of social media icon's available at the bottom hand right of the screen, keep up-to-date with us! 

Social Links

What's next?
We're constantly looking to improve the experience of this website, we hope that you really enjoy this fresh responsive re-design.

We want your opinions! is here to help people in Manchester. If you have any comments or suggestions for your council website please contact, we'd love to hear from you.

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Was this page helpful?