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Homes & property Homelessness Review 2013

Homelessness Services Review 2013

Reducing Homelessness is a key priority for the Council.

Our Homelessness Strategy 2008-2013 has guided how we've prioritised and delivered homelessness services over this period and homelessness prevention services across Manchester have had significant success over the past 5 years, and Manchester is currently not seeing the increases in homelessness apparent in some other areas of the country.

In order to create a new Strategy for 2013-18, we have conducted a review of current homelessness services. The purpose of the review is to establish the extent of homelessness in the city, assess its likely extent in the future, identify what is currently being done and what level of resources are available, to prevent and tackle homelessness.

The review has considered evidence from a range of sources, including data from the Council and other agencies and relevant research in homelessness and associated areas. In addition, we have consulted with partners and stakeholders and with key service user groups to ensure that their views are represented and that our services meet the needs of homeless people in Manchester.

The findings from this strategic review have been used to inform the priorities in the Homelessness Strategy 2013-2018

Download a copy of the Homelessness Service Review.

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