Homes and property Our proposals for new homeless accommodation at the Longford Centre in Chorlton

How the centre will work

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There will be 38 rooms at the centre, five are big enough for couples, but we’ll only ever have 38 people living there at most.

We’ll open in stages, starting with 12 people, then 24, before we have the full 38 living there.

The centre will have:

  • a manager
  • two assistant managers
  • 14 support staff working shifts
  • five further support staff
  • a volunteer co-ordinator
  • catering staff
  • a caretaker
  • a ‘concierge’ security officer overnight and in the evenings.

There will always be two support workers on duty overnight, along with the security officer.

This amount of residents and staff is the same as, or more than, you would see at other centres for homeless people run by us and other people. We don’t usually have a security officer but this is something local people have said they would like.

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