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Underpinning the Strategic Regeneration Frameworks are local plans and ward plans. Local Plans have been developed where neighbourhoods will undergo significant long-term transformation. These neighbourhoods are identified as part of the development of the strategic regeneration framework.



These plans analyse the existing physical, social, economic and environmental conditions in an area. They bring together the physical requirements of a neighbourhood - new and improved housing, new schools, new community facilities, new retail facilities - along with actions to address the social, economic and environmental issues that affect the area.



As such there is a very clear emphasis at a more focussed level on the need to ensure that all public sector service providers drive up service quality, deliver on outcomes for the neighbourhood and integrate long term capital investment decisions at a neighbourhood level so as to reinforce and sustain the residential, commercial and retail markets.



Ward Plans are developed for every ward in the city and their key focus is in improving services at the local level. They create a comprehensive public service improvement framework across the city that is geared to addressing key local issues and delivering on outcomes for the neighbourhood.



Identified as part of the Strategic Regeneration Frameworks, the following local plans and ward plans highlight the aims and objectives being undertaken to achieve the transformation of neighbourhoods across the city.



For further details on the individual plans, please contact the Central Manchester Regeneration Team.

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