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Benefits & support If you disagree with our decision on Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support (and Council Tax Benefit)

When you can't appeal to a tribunal

If you think a decision is wrong you can always ask us (the Benefits Service) to look at it again and you can take it further if you are still not happy.

But, there are some decisions that you can't take any further (to a tribunal for example). These are:

  • how we pay you (by cheque or into your bank account);
  • how often we pay you;
  • our right to decide whether to ask you to pay back an amount you have been overpaid;
  • how we take back an overpayment if we have the right to take it back;
  • the level of rent we use to work out your benefit if you are a private tenant getting Local Housing Allowance;
  • anything about Discretionary Housing Payments; and 
  • the rules the Council has put into its Council Tax Support scheme

If you want to appeal about a decision on your Council Tax Support claim you must appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service.

If you are 60 or over and getting Pension Credit, and you think we have used incorrect income and savings details to assess your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit, you must appeal to the Pension Service because we only use details provided by them.

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