Manchester City Council

Births, marriages, deaths & nationality Before you buy your certificate

We charge £11 for the standard service and £28.50 for the premium service, for all copy certificates bought online. The premium service is only available for births registered from 1918 to present date; marriages and deaths registered from 1943 to the present date; and civil partnerships. 

We can only provide a copy certificate if:

  • the person was born after 1 July 1837
    If the person was born before this date, please see family history research.
  • the person was born in the city of Manchester
    The place of birth must have been in the City of Manchester boundary area at the time. The boundaries of the city of Manchester have changed over time. Neighbouring areas like Salford, Trafford, Rochdale, Oldham and other Greater Manchester areas do not count as the city of Manchester. Check which areas are in the Manchester boundary.
  • you have all the information we need to complete the search
    We need the person's full name, date of birth, and your email address and payment card details.
    We need extra information if they were born before 1 January 1928.

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Was this page helpful?