Health and wellbeing Adults and Older People JSNA

Topic Reports

The Adults and Older People JSNA is a "living" resource that is being expanded and developed through consultation with key stakeholders and will incorporate the views of the community including adults and older people.  The following topics are included in the Adults and Older People JSNA:

1. Wider Determinants of Health

This section includes data that is not about health but about factors that can affect health or impact on health inequalities; for example unemployment, housing, deprivation, poverty, environment, education.

2. Healthy Lifestyles

This section includes data on how lifestyle can impact on health and life expectancy.

3. Mental Health

This section includes data on conditions and factors which can influence mental health and wellbeing.

4. Physical Health (Long Term Conditions)

This section includes data on the effects on the health and wellbeing of people living with Long Term Conditions.

5. Key Groups

This section includes data on key groups in the population who have specific needs, who may need more support to maintain their health and / or wellbeing.


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