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Neighbourhood Profiles

In order to support the development of out of hospital and urgent care services at a local level (referred to as ‘place-based care’), a set of Neighbourhood Profiles have been developed. These are intended to help the 12 integrated neighbourhood teams in Manchester (and other people delivering services at a local level) to determine their priorities, agree the outcomes they want to achieve and think through the ‘how, what and where’ of service delivery. To date, a number of different profiles have been produced for each neighbourhood.

  • A ‘Place Report’ based on the data that is published as part of Public Health England’s Local Health tool. This compares the key features of the population living in each of the 12 neighbourhood areas of Manchester with England as a whole. These reports provide information about broader health outcomes as well as the factors that affect them (the so called ‘wider determinants of health’).
  • A Mosaic profile which provides more detailed information about the households who live in different parts of each neighbourhood area. It draws heavily on the insights that can be gained from the Mosaic Public Sector segmentation tool produced by Experian.
  • A one page summary of the findings of the Manchester City Council Population Forecasting Model (MCCFM) which illustrates the changes to the size and age structure of the population living in the neighbourhood that are forecast to occur over the next 10 years.
  • A Health and Care Profile which describes the health and care needs of patients registered with GPs in each neighbourhood, including the prevalence of long term health conditions, prescribing rates, use of health and social care services, risk of emergency hospital admission and care/nursing home residents.

The profiles should be viewed alongside the more detailed data that has been collated within the Compendium of Statistics ("A Picture of Progress") for Manchester and also that which is available through the Council’s Intelligence Hub. Both of these are available on the Manchester City Council website. The detailed neighbourhood profile information is available on the Profile Reports page.


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