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Manchester Fayre is the Council's catering service. We supply school meals to many schools in the city.

See if your school uses Manchester Fayre. Go to school finder and look for 'School meals provided by: Manchester Fayre'.

If you don't see this, it means we do not supply meals to that school. Contact the school to see who supplies the meals. 

If Manchester Fayre does provide the meals you can see our menus, prices and standards on these web pages.

Great value meals that are healthy and nutritious

If yours is a Manchester Fayre school, then for around £2.60* you can be sure your child is getting a healthy, nutritious 2-course meal, made fresh every day using local ingredients, prepared by qualified staff.

The number of children having school meals in Manchester Fayre primary schools is 20 per cent higher than the national average. In secondary schools it's 11 per cent higher. 

*To confirm the exact cost, consult your child's school.

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