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Heaton Park has a long and historic tradition of hosting events. We host a variety of major events and small events every year.  The unique settings of the park is a major attraction to event organisers. The Park has proudly hosted national and international events which have seen millions of visitors enjoy events in a Grade II listed setting.

If you want to hold an event at Heaton Park you will need to seek permission from the park and complete our application form. 

Small Events 

Typical examples of small events are: -

  • A community family or fun day
  • Fitness Groups
  • A guided walk
  • A community sports competition
  • Sponsored Walks and Fun Runs
  • One off small performing arts events such as outdoor opera or theatre production

For a small event you will be required to provide the following information as part of your application:-

  • A risk assessment
  • Up-to-date Public Liability Insurance (£10m minimum) 
  • Agree to any terms and conditions, and payment of any fees for the use of MCC facilities.

For Large scale events

For large scale events, depending on the content, we may require you to work with our Safety Advisory Group and this process can take up to 6 months. So be mindful to contact us early.

Typical examples of large scale events are:-

  • Outdoor concerts
  • Festivals
  • Large sponsored runs and walks
  • Large performing arts events (several hundred people at any one time)
  • Large-scale exhibitions
  • Sports tournaments and festivals.
  • Any event that would normally involve coordination with a variety of local authority employees and the emergency services or similar

For large events, the criteria which will need consideration (should the event be agreed in principle) are: -

  • Adequate meetings leading up to your event with relevant MCC staff  (or the Multi Agency Planning Group if required depending on size and nature of event)
  • Full detailed Event Safety Management Plan and Risk Assessment including Site map, Operational Plan and Security / Stewarding plan.
  • Signature and agreement of event contract.
  • Adherence to premises license conditions.
  • Adherence to conditions of use.
  • Provision for security where applicable.
  • Provision of adequate First Aid cover for your event.
  • Provision of public liability insurance (£10m minimum).
  • Agreements pertaining to facility fee, costs are dependent on size, nature and infrastructure.
  • Agreement for any Policing and/or security and other costs associated with your event.
  • Agreement to provide information as requested by MCC or their representative.
  • Agreement to pay a damage deposit for site re-instatement if requested by MCC or their representative.
  • Agree to apply for relevant licenses.

Topics that need be considered when planning your event are detailed on Health and Safety Executive website

If you wish to hold an event please fill in the application form, completing every section of the form and agree to our terms and conditions. The more information you provide means the fewer questions we have to ask and a quicker application process. There is a charge for using our parks which covers the costs of administration and services relating to the event. 

If you have a general enquiry please email the heatonpark@manchester,gov,uk

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Was this page helpful?