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Find your nearest primary schools

Find a primary school, and get information about it: see the type of school, contact details, number of places, faith, website, and admission rules.

Put at least three schools on your application – more if you like. If you put fewer, and you miss out, you could have little choice about where your child goes.

There are five different types of school:

  • Community schools which use the Council's admissions rules to decide who gets a place, and aren't influenced by religious or other groups.
  • Foundation schools which have more freedom to change the way they do things compared to community schools. 
  • Free schools which are funded by the government but are independent of the Council. They have more control over how they do things and don't have to follow the national curriculum.
  • Academy schools which are run by a governing body, independent of the Council, and can follow a different curriculum.
  • Voluntary aided schools which are faith schools, with significant funding from their church.

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