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Christchurch attacks

Manchester shares its sympathy and our thoughts are with everyone affected by the Christchurch attacks.

Sign the online book of condolence.


Schools, education & childcare Apply for a year 7 secondary place for September 2019

Apply for a place

Online applications for September 2019 closed at 5pm on 31 October 2018. We send offers of places to those who applied on time on 1 March 2019.

Applying late means you have less chance of getting your preferred school and that we may not send your offer out till after the usual date - 1 March 2019.

This is because we offer places to on-time applications first, and places at your preferred school may have already been taken by on-time applicants.

But we will treat your late application as on-time if we get it by 11 January 2019 and you include evidence of a good reason for being late such as a recent move to the area or exceptional medical reasons.

You must send the evidence with your late application. If you’ve recently moved to the area we need evidence including either:

  • a solicitor’s letter showing the completion date; or
  • a copy of the rental agreement showing the start date before 11 January 2019.

We may ask for further proof that you’ve recently moved such as a council tax or utility bill.

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Was this page helpful?