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Roads & transport Abnormal loads - notification

Movement of large or heavy loads

The movement of large or heavy loads is known as 'abnormal loads'.  When hauliers wish to move loads with a gross weight exceeding 40 tonnes, they must notify and gain consent from the Police. 

If the gross weight or axle weights exceed those specified on the C and U Regulations they must indemnify the Highway Agency and all bridge owners along the proposed route (for example Network Rail).  An abnormal load can potentially go on any road provided the haulier complies with the law. 

Notice periods 

The law requires the haulier to give a minimum of 2 clear days' notice to the Police, Highway Agency and bridge owners before moving the load. However, some routes may need physical changes to accommodate abnormal load movements (for example, moving islands or traffic signals) and in these instances early notification is essential.

If you require forms and to check that the appropriate authorisation is obtained from the Highways Agency visit their site.

You should notify

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