Roads and transport Deansgate interim phase

Permanent changes coming from July

Some of the interim changes that are now being finalised as part of this current scheme include:

  • Access to the section of Deansgate between Blackfriars Street and King Street will be limited to one-way travel southbound direction only for buses and cycles, and for loading between 6am and 10.30am.
  • There will be a bus gate at the junction of Blackfriars Street and Deansgate for southbound buses, taxis and bicycles, and for loading between 6am and 10.30am. The bus gate will be enforced by cameras.
  • The section of Deansgate from King Street to Quay Street becomes permanently one-way southbound only for all traffic, with the northbound carriageway closed.
  • A contraflow cycle lane will run Quay Street to Blackfriars Street in the closed off northbound carriageway. There will be a 2-way contraflow cycle lane between Bridge Street and Quay Street.
  • The bus gate on Bridge Street after its junction at Left Bank, is now being constructed. Once complete, only buses, cycles and taxis will be able to drive out of the city centre across the River Irwell into Salford via this route. Traffic coming into the city is unaffected.
  • In the coming months, we will be introducing the measures proposed for the lower end of Deansgate from Bridge Street to Quay Street. This section will be permanently one-way only, in a southbound direction (with the northbound carriageway closed).
  • St. Mary’s Parsonage will be remain closed to traffic at its northern end to prevent traffic from diverting around the closed section of Deansgate. There will be additional restricted access on Southgate, College Land and St Mary’s Street to prevent vehicles becoming trapped at the end of St Mary’s Street at the junction with Deansgate. Blue badge holders and those that need access to St Ann Street will be allowed into these areas.
  • There will be changed priorities at King Street West / St Mary’s Parsonage to deter drivers from travelling straight on along St Mary’s Parsonage.
  • A limited number of buses will be permitted to travel northwards on Cross Street, but general traffic will not be able to proceed any further than the junction with New Market.
  • The plans to make Gartside Street one-way northbound between New College Street and Bridge Street, with a southbound segregated cycle route, will no longer be happening, due to security concerns around the Courts.

Other changes as we move from a temporary scheme to an interim one include:

  • Temporary traffic management barriers, cones and signs will be removed and replaced with more substantial bollards,permanent signs, and road markings to visually separate vehicles and pedestrians
  • Temporary ‘wands’ separating cycles and vehicles will be preplaced with more substantial bollards, which will be bolted to the carriageway.

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