Roads and transport Manchester Transport Board

Working to Develop an Integrated Transport Network

Both the Transport Board and the Transport Forum are being reviewed as part of the wider reforms of the Manchester Partnership.  Further information regarding this review will be posted here in due course.

Accountable to the Manchester Public Service Board (PSB) for the delivery of a transport network and transport services that will support sustainable economic and social growth; Manchester Transport Board's aims are focused on activities which:

  • Deliver Manchester 's contribution to the Greater Manchester Local Transport Plan (GMLTP)
  • Boost the City's productivity and create jobs
  • Tackle worklessness and improve skills
  • Address the City's social and environmental objectives including the reduction of carbon emissions
  • Determine the allocation of existing resources to ensure best use of available public and private funding
  • Identify potential sources of additional funding that will enable the City to deliver its objectives

The Board is also responsible for overseeing the success of the Transport Forum, which acts as a means of engaging with the community on transport issues, and providing a platform to exchange ideas on specific issues with a view to influencing transport policy and service delivery.

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