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Transcript of Manchester to Chorlton Cycleway Cyclops junction video

The first section of phase one of the £13.4 million Manchester to Chorlton Cycleway is now

This section runs between the Chester Road roundabout, and Stretford Road. It mainly
consists of a segregated cycleway, but also includes a CYCLOPS junction at Royce Road,
which is the first cycle facility of this type in the UK.

The CYCLOPS junction (which stands for Cycle Optimised Protected Signals), has been
designed to protect cyclists from general traffic, while allowing everyone to use the junction

The junction works by allowing bicycles to approach from four ‘arms’ which converge onto a
roundabout style cycle track, which completely encircles the junction.

This means that bicycles can make a right turn at the junction, protected from traffic, and to
complete the turn in one movement, dependent on signal timings.

As well as minimising the number of potential signals to allow for movements around the
junction, the CYCLOPS has other important benefits too.

These include:

  • Signalisation of all cycle - traffic conflicts to ensure separation and safety
  • Cycle - cycle conflicts are simple, intuitive and need not be signalised to be managed
  • Controlled cycle and pedestrian movements can run simultaneously
  • Cyclists can filter left off the roundabout without the need for signal control
  • Controlled pedestrian phases are shorter

The CYCLOPS junction maximises the opportunities for safe cycling and walking, while
making the performance of the junction more efficient for all users and transport types.

We look forward to seeing this junction in action soon, as we start to welcome people back
to the city.

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