Christmas Sustainability

Sustainable Christmas

This year Manchester’s Christmas Markets are the most environmentally friendly yet.

All single use plastics have been banned from the Christmas markets since 2018. The glasses alone have diverted an estimated 1.3 million 'single use' plastics from land fill.
A polypropylene “glass” replaces the usual polycarbonate “glasses” this year, which is far less harmful to the environment.
Mug deposits are £3 and glasses £2, so you can get your cash back or keep them to remember your visit.

The 2022 Christmas Markets recognises the need to prioritise greener solutions and for the first time ever will be powered by generators using biofuel.

An extensive recycling programme for cardboard and food waste is in place. Used cooking oil is collected and recycled to be turned into biodiesel to power vehicles.
The mobile accessible changing facility comes complete with a rechargeable battery and the option to switch to a solar power panel.
The chalets are made from wood that is sourced via the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) that ensures all timber comes from sustainable sources.
Christmas decorations within the market areas are low energy, reusable, and environmentally safe.
For the fifth year running we are using biodegradable lights, including illuminated motifs made of sugar cane.
All take away consumables are 100 percent recyclable and compostable, most are made of corn starch, paper, and sugarcane.
And finally, no real Christmas trees will be used!

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