COVID-19 Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant

The Government has announced the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant (OHLG) scheme to support businesses that have been impacted by the latest Covid-19 variant.  

This scheme is intended to help businesses that offer in-person services where the main business activity takes place within a fixed premises in the hospitality, leisure and accommodation sectors. This excludes:

  • businesses whose main service (generating 50% or more of income) is takeaway food and drink.
  • all retail businesses, coach tour operators, tour operators, and gyms and sports businesses where physical exercise or training is conducted on an individual basis or group basis.

The deadline for applications is Monday 21 February 2022 in line with government guidelines.

See types of businesses that are eligible


We can only pay a grant to businesses that are registered in the city of Manchester and were liable to pay Business Rates on 30 December 2021. 

Eligible businesses could receive a one-off payment of up to £6,000 based on the rateable value of their business premises. Businesses with a rateable value: 

  • of 15k or under would be eligible for a grant payment of £2,667 
  • over £15k and under £51k would be eligible for a grant payment of £4,000 
  • of £51k or more would be eligible for a grant payment of £6,000 

Businesses can still apply for this support if they have received support through other Covid-19 grants. 

Payments will start to be processed for successful applicants starting the week of 17 January 2022.

All applications must be submitted through this form. Please do not call or email either the Business Rates team or the Customer Service Contact as they will not be able to help you with your application.

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Was this page helpful?