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About the market

This modern, indoor market hall opened in 2008 and was designed with the help of the Gorton Visual Arts Centre. 

There's a large selection of hot and cold food, Polish goods, pedicures, electrical equipment, high street fashion and sports goods.

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Outdoor tabletop market

Gorton Market holds an outdoor tabletop market every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, from 8am to 2pm. Daily space fees are £14 for a single space or £26 for a double space on weekdays and £16 for a single space or £30 for a double space on Saturdays. Subject to availability all traders are provided with a gazebo and a table. There is a £1 charge for each additional table.

Trading at the market

If you'd like to trade, you need to let the staff on site know that you're attending and then arrive no later than 7.30am. Make sure you have public liability insurance and can provide a copy of this to our management team.

We try to allocate trading spaces to our regular traders first, and give out the remaining ones after that. Space is limited so we can't guarantee a trading space.

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