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Homes & property A summary of our rehousing rules

Who is not eligible for rehousing?

Anybody over 16 can apply for a home that's allocated using the Council's rehousing rules. Everyone who registers is asked about their housing history and legal status.

The law says we are not allowed to offer a home to certain people from aboard. This includes some people who are British citizens but are subject to immigration control.

We also don't offer homes to people who have been guilty of unacceptable behaviour. This can include:

  • owing more than £1000 rent
  • breaking a tenancy agreement with a not-for-profit landlord, or causing serious damage to a property
  • being guilty of serious antisocial behaviour or domestic abuse
  • getting a tenancy illegally - by giving false information or paying money for example
  • having lost a home that came with a job because of inappropriate behaviour
  • having an unspent criminal conviction that would make the person a significant risk to local people

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Was this page helpful?