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Homes & property A summary of our rehousing rules

How Manchester Move works

Most homes are advertised on Manchester Move for one week - from early Thursday morning, to 1pm the following Wednesday. You can bid for a home at any time during this period.

At the end of each bidding period (every Wednesday) the landlord that has advertised the property gets a list of all the people who have bid for it. The bidder with the highest priority is offered the home first.

Offered to a bidder

If the property has been advertised using Manchester City Council rules, the home is offered to any bidders from Band 1 first; starting with the one who has been in this band the longest - that's the person with the earliest award date.

If there's no-one in Band 1, it's offered to anyone in Band 2 who has bid for it (starting with the bidder with the earliest award date) and so on down the bands until it's offered to a bidder who accepts it.

Occasionally a home is advertised as a 'First come first served' property. Instead of looking at the priority of the bidders (as described above), a home like this goes to the first bidder who is eligible for it.

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