Homes and property A summary of our rehousing rules

How we decide priority: the rehousing bands

When you register for rehousing, you are asked about your housing history and legal status. The law says the Council cannot offer a home to certain people from abroad. You would also not be eligible for rehousing if your housing history includes behaviour that we class as unacceptable.

Then we put all eligible applicants into a rehousing band; depending on how much they need to move and other circumstances. The higher your band, the more chance you have of a home.

We record the date that each applicant went into that band. This is your 'award date'. We compare award dates when people from the same band want the same home.

Band 1

This is the highest band. It is for people who need to move urgently for a reason that the law describes as a high priority.

Bands 2 and 3

These bands are for people who have a specific need to move (but do not need to move urgently) as the law describes.

See how you get into the three higher rehousing bands

Bands 4 and 5

These bands are for people who want to move, but don't have a level of need that would get them into Bands 1, 2 or 3.

Band 6

This is a 'reduced priority' band. People go into this band if they: don't live in Manchester and have no recognised connection to the city; or have rent arrears, have broken a tenancy agreement or have acted antisocially in the past; or if they and the people they are moving with earn £60,000 or more a year or have assets or savings worth £75,000 or more.

This band is split into Band 6a and Band 6b. You go into Band 6a if you have a specific need to move (and would otherwise be in one of the top three bands). You go into Band 6b if you do not have a specific need to move (and would otherwise be in Band 4 or 5).

Getting a higher priority

If your need-to-move puts you in Band 3 or Band 5, you can get extra priority and move up to Band 2 or Band 4 if you are a working household, or can pass our 'community contribution' test, or you are a young person with a 'pre-tenancy' qualification.

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