Homes and property A summary of our rehousing rules

Getting extra priority

If your need-to-move puts you in Band 3 or Band 5, you could get extra priority and move up to Band 2 or Band 4. This can happen if:

  • you are a 'working household'; or
  • you pass our 'community contribution' test; or
  • you have a 'young person's pre-tenancy qualification'.

To qualify, you must also pass our 'Good Resident test'. We check that you don't have housing debts, and have not acted antisocially, or broken a previous tenancy agreement for example.

Working household

You are a 'working household' if:

  • you or anyone moving with you has a job - it can be permanent, temporary, or self-employed; and
  • that person is aged 18 or over; and
  • they work for at least 16 hours a week; and
  • they have worked for at least nine out of the last 12 months.

This will put you in a higher band anywhere in the city.

Community contribution

You pass the community contribution test if you, or anyone moving with you:

  • has lived as an adult (18 and over) in one of our rehousing areas for three years continuously - now or in the past; or
  • does voluntary work for at least ten hours per month in a rehousing area, and has done so for at least six months continuously.

Unlike the working household priority, this does not apply across the city. It applies instead to a particular rehousing area and surrounding rehousing areas - called a 'rehousing area cluster'.

Young person's pre-tenancy qualification

People under 25 can go on a course that teaches them to be a good tenant and live independently. If they successfully complete the course they get a young person's pre-tenancy NVQ qualification.

We contact people with this qualification about getting a higher rehousing band and which area, if any, they want their extra priority.

Find out more about the young persons pre-tenancy qualification.

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