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Public Service Reform

The Devolution Agreement negotiated with Government presents an historic opportunity for Manchester to use significantly greater powers to help achieve our strategic priorities.  Our ambition is sustainable economic growth, with all residents able to benefit from that growth, supported by high quality universal services, and attractive places to live and work.  Manchester has experienced strong growth over the past decade, supported by our investments in the city.  However, unemployment is too high, and skills and productivity are too low, for all to benefit from that growth.

At the same time, the financial pressures we face as a Council and a City increase the imperative to reform what we do, and how we do it.  

Public service reform is how we fundamentally change how services are received by residents.  It means supporting more people to become independent and self-reliant, reducing dependency on public services.  It involves working more closely with our partners so that services meet all the needs of people, and are not delivered in silos.  That means the Council and our partners bringing together our combined resources to support shared priorities.  Reform also means a greater emphasis on evaluating what we do and generating good evidence, to track the impact that our investments have on residents and on levels of demand for public services. 

The priorities for public service reform in Manchester are supporting people with a combination of complex needs towards employment and independence; integration of health and social care;and underpinned by investments in early years to support future independence.

Public Service Reform exemplar projects in Manchester are:

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