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Last chance - don't miss this Friday's deadline to apply for your child's school place

Parents of children due to start primary school this September need to apply NOW for their child's school place if they haven't already done so, and must do so before this week's strict deadline of 5 pm this Friday 15 January.

* Deadline for applications 5 pm this Friday 15 January

Time is fast running out to make an application for a school place and any parent who hasn't yet applied must do so before the deadline to give their child the best chance of getting a place at one of their preferred schools.

 The easiest way to apply is on-line at:

 An application must be received for all pupils who require a reception class place. Attendance at a school nursery does not guarantee admission to that school's reception class - parents still need to apply for a place through the formal city-wide application process.

 All parents are encouraged to make at least three preferences when they make their application, and to rank their preferred schools to show which would be their first, second, third preference etc, if places are available at all of these schools.

 Manchester operates an equal preference system when considering school admission applications. This means that each of the school preferences parents give on their application forms will be considered at the same time. If, as a result of this, the system shows that a place could be offered at more than one school, their child will be offered a place at the school ranked highest on the application form.

 Councillor Rosa Battle, lead member for schools, Manchester City Council, said: "Parents need to apply now for their child's school place if they haven't already done so. It only takes five minutes to apply on-line, but time is fast running out, and applications must be made before the strict deadline of 5 pm this Friday 15 January.

 "Going to school for the first time is an important milestone in every child's life, so parents will want to get it right, but they need to act now. Go on-line, find out more about the schools you're interested in sending your child to, and then make your application - but do not miss the deadline.

"Standards of literacy and numeracy in the city are the highest they've ever been and more children than ever are attending a good or outstanding Manchester school.

 "Applying on time however before the deadline is vital and gives you the best chance of getting a school place for your child at one of your preferred schools."

 Applications can also be made by post or in person. All applications must however be received by the deadline of 5 pm this Friday 15 January 2016.

 School place offers will be sent to parents/carers on 18 April by second class post for parents who have made a postal application, and by email for parents who have applied on-line.

For more information and to make on-line applications visit

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