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VIDEO: Pioneering multi-service health and community hub proposed for Gorton

A proposal to bring a health and community hub to the heart of Gorton where people can access a range of services all in one place will be heard by Manchester City Council’s Executive next week.


The multi-service partnership - including the City Council, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), One Manchester, Central Manchester CCG, and the Central Manchester Foundation Trust - would be home to a range of health, social and public services in a single site, expected to open in 2019. This would make it easier and more efficient for the local community to access a range of services from one location.

This proposal builds on the on the significant regeneration which is already taking place in Gorton. The refurbishment of Gorton Monastery and the development of new homes on the adjacent land has transformed this neighbourhood.

Attractive new housing has also been built on Belle Vue Street and further plans for new homes are underway on Vine Street, as well as investment in the leisure facilities and the National Speedway Stadium at the Belle Vue Sports Village offering modern facilities to the local community.

There is now further opportunity to continue development in a part of the city through the planned integrated hub, to make Gorton a better and healthier place to live.

The hub would be located in the heart of the Gorton community in a purpose built building for services that are currently delivered from six different providers:

- One Manchester (a local provider of homes and community services)

- The Gorton and Levenshulme Integrated Health and Care Team

- A larger GP practice capable of supporting 15,000 people

- Several community services run by Central Manchester Foundation Trust, currently spread across Abbey Hey and Gorton, including health visitors, physiotherapy and asthma clinics

- Job Centre Plus

- A library

The City Council’s Executive will be asked (Weds 8 March) to approve the project moving to detailed design.

Cllr Bernard Priest, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council, said: “Gorton has a huge amount of potential and the continuing regeneration programme are helping to create a real neighbourhood of choice. There is a need for more GP and health support in the area and we believe that this hub fills that gap in local resources, while bringing a range of services together under one roof for the first time.”

The hub also reflects a wider ambition within the city – a key part of the devolution agenda - to join up or integrate health and social care services and bring as much care as possible directly into communities.

This in turn will then help to keep people well, out of hospital and independent through a more preventative approach that does not separate mental, physical and social care.

These are all themes reflected in the city’s five-year plan for health and social care, called A Healthier Manchester. They are also key to the overall future vision of the city (Our Manchester Strategy), which recognises how better health connects the people who live here with more opportunities around work, prosperity and time with their families.

Historically Gorton has faced problems with recruiting and retaining GPs and it has a high level of A&E attendances. New ways of working aim at addressing these issues within an area of high deprivation, which also has a lot of older patients and people with long-term conditions.

In particular, an integrated neighbourhood team, led by GPs and made up of a range of professionals including mental health nurses, social care workers, physiotherapists, occupational health therapists, pharmacists and the voluntary and community sector will be based in from the Gorton hub.

This team will focus primarily on those people most at risk of a hospital admission, such as older patients or people with long-term conditions. This team is one of 12 which will be in operation around the city.

Cllr Paul Andrews, Executive Member for Adult Health and Wellbeing at Manchester City Council, said: "The Gorton hub will play a huge role in keeping people who live here healthy. Instead of simply replacing single GP practices it will join them with the rest of the social care system and also connect people with leisure and cultural opportunities that also contribute to our wellbeing.”

Dr Mike Eeckelaers, Chair Central Manchester CCG, said: “The Gorton Community Hub’ is the first example in Manchester of truly integrated services delivered from the same site to support the health and care needs of a neighbourhood.

“With devolution well under way and Manchester in the process of transforming how we organise and deliver services in a more integrated way, the people of Gorton will undoubtedly benefit and we will see the ‘Our Manchester’ approach start to take root.”


Dr David Evans, Associate Director of Community Services at CMFT, said: “We see this as positive development and an opportunity to integrate a range of services in a purpose built facility that will deliver real value to what matters to the people of Gorton. It also sets out a commitment to provide up to date and well-designed facilities for the community health services that we provide.”

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