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You have to vote at the polling station allocated to your local polling district, you cannot vote in any polling station. Your polling station is named on the poll card we send you. 

The polling stations are open 7am until 10pm on polling day and the address of each one appears on a poll card sent to each elector a few weeks before the election.

  • On polling day, go to your polling station. This is usually a school, local hall or public building near where you live.
  • When you arrive at the polling station, tell the staff there your name and address. You do not have to bring your poll card with you to vote but it might save time if you do.
  • You will be given a ballot paper for each poll which will have a list of candidates and their political parties or if they are an independent candidate.
  • The ballot paper will tell you how many votes you have or you can check with a member of staff. Go to a polling booth so that you can make your vote in secret.
  • Put an X next to the candidate you wish to vote for, fold your ballot paper in half and put it in the ballot box.


We are committed to making sure that everybody who wants to vote can do so and offer a range of services for voters before and on polling day. This includes:

Before the election

  • Assistance to complete electoral registration forms and postal vote packs
  • Information about registration and voting available in alternative formats on request

On Polling Day

  • Polling Stations accessible to wheelchair users and people who have limited mobility
  • A special device called a Tactile Voting Device available to enable blind and partially sighted to vote in person
  • Large print handheld ballot papers available in every polling station
  • Specially trained staff available to provide information about how to vote, and to provide assistance where required
  • The option of taking a companion (close relative or elector qualified to vote at the election) with you for assistance

If you want to know more about support and assistance available for registration and voting, contact us on 0161 234 1212 to find out more about this.

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