Smarter City Case Studies

Intelligent Lighting


The replacement of 56,000 luminaries (light units) to enable LED street lighting. Using a centrally operated system using dedicated wifi, each luminary uses a light array offering a wide spread of light on the “cool white” spectrum for residential /traffic areas and “neutral white” in the city centre.

The system allows permitted external organisations to access the system. For example, the police would be able to increase light levels for CCTV purposes. To ensure energy efficiency, after 2 hours levels automatically will return to default.


  • A centrally controlled, dimmable lighting system across the city allowing the opportunity to experimentally optimise energy and challenge perceptions on light levels.
  • The potential to “add on” to lampposts e.g. an environmental sensor network.


  • Reduction by 60% of current £3.6m revenue costs in additional to a projected forecast of 4% increase in the cost of electricity.
  • A reduction of carbon output to 8K tonnes – 50% along with associated carbon tax.
  • A 60% energy reduction (current consumption is 30m kilowatts - eqivilant16K carbon tonnes per annum).
  • A city-wide controllable network

Financing and Resources



Three year programme commencing May 2015.

Collaborators and Partners

Amey PLC.


Lead Contact: Pete Woodward, Manchester City Council.