Protecting young people from violent crime

This survey will only take about 10 minutes to complete, and it will help us to get a better idea of the impact of violence on young people in Manchester.

Please tell us about things that have happened in Manchester in the last three years or so.

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  What is your gender?
  What is your ethnic origin/background?
  Choose any that apply to you:
  If you have been a victim of violence please specify:
  Once   Two to three times   More than three times  
  At school      

  At home      

  On buses, trams, trains etc      

  Other public place      

  How old were the people who used violence towards you? (tick any that apply)
  Do you think these people were motivated by hate of one or more of the following? (tick all that apply)
Q12 Did you tell anyone when you were attacked?
  Who did you tell? (please select any that apply)
  Choose which apply to you:
  How much do you worry about your safety and about violence? (Please select all that apply)
  I don't worry   I worry a little bit   I worry a lot  
  At school      

  At home      

  On buses or trains      

  In your local area      


  Do worries about safety and violence stop you doing some things or going to some places?
  What do you think makes some young people commit acts of violence? (Please select all that apply)
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