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To get a home rented from a Manchester housing association, the Council, or another not-for-profit landlord you must register for rehousing.

Do this on the Manchester Move website which is run by the Council and other not-for-profit landlords. This is a choice-based rehousing system that allows you to look for homes that you are interested in yourself.

After registering

Once you have registered and provided the proofs needed to check your application your account will be made 'live'.  You can then start looking for a home on Manchester Move. The more flexible you are with what you want, the faster you will find a home.

Read more about how Manchester Move works

High demand

There's a high demand for homes with not-for-profit landlords.

See how we decide priority for rehousing

Make sure you consider other types of housing options to find a home faster.


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Was this page helpful?