Celebrating VE Day in your home

Friday, 08 May 2020

City Wide,

Cost: Free

In line with social distancing guidance to help stop the spread of coronavirus, city events and celebrations for Victory in Europe Day have been scaled back.

Here are some ways we’re encouraging residents to celebrate and get involved:

Household celebrations

  • Decorate your house red, white or blue to show your street the colours of Britain

  • Have a picnic in your garden or front room, maintaining social distancing rules

  • Wear something red, white or blue and post a picture on social media using #VEDayMCR

Nation’s Toast to Heroes of World War II

Raise a Glass to the Heroes at 3pm on Friday 8 May 2020. Instead of gathering in a pub to toast, give thanks to those that fought in World War II with your neighbours from your doorstep. Drop your neighbours a message to let them know we’re giving a big ‘Cheers’ together.

Ringing out for Peace

The bells may not ring as far and wide from our churches and cathedrals this year – so we’re encouraging you to ring out on behalf of them. Ring bells or clang pans at 7pm on Friday 8 May 2020 and let the sound of Peace be heard through your community.

Display a flag in your window

Draw, paint or print a flag from a country involved in World War II and put it up in a window at the front of your house. How many can you spot on your street?

Get involved on our social media accounts

Throughout April and May we’re posting Archives Plus images of Manchester during World War II and how times once were, including how we celebrated as a city once VE Day came. We’re also encouraging residents to get in touch if they have a story of a loved one connected with World War II and our veterans. Share your story with us on facebook or twitter.

Please follow Government rules on social distancing

Government guidance on VE Day events changes

Staying at home and away from others – social distancing

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