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Together Dementia Support

We Love MCR has supported Together Dementia Support, who run groups for people with dementia and their carers across central and south Manchester, to provide Weekly Sparkles to their groups. 

Many people with dementia can no longer enjoy reading newspapers and magazines. Weekly Sparkles is a weekly magazine which is simply written and well illustrated so it is accessible and appealing. It provides a point of discussion and a starting point for activities.

Sally Ferris who helps run the groups says,

“Weekly Sparkles is a great resource for people with dementia. Reading the Weekly Sparkle together has become a favourite activity. People browse through it and choose an article that they’d like to read to the group. We finish many of our sessions with the quizzes and word games at the back of the magazine and we use the music CD to sing along during a quiet activity or for a communal sing to end the session on a high note.

Many of our members struggle with word retrieval but can suddenly recall all the words when an old, familiar song is sung. Some of our quieter members also like to sit and read it by themselves or take it home with them. Unlike other publications, the font is large and the articles are short so this helps them greatly. Having a dated publication also helps keep people orientated.”

Together Dementia support