Manchester City Council

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Information on ward level population and ethnic minority groups in Manchester

A01 Manchester Factsheet (updated January 2016)

A02 2014 MYE by age for Manchester

A02a 2014 MYE for Manchester summary note

A03a 2013 Mid-Year Estimate by age for wards - total

A03b 2013 Mid-Year Estimate by age for wards - males

A03c 2013 Mid-Year Estimate by age for wards - females

A03d 2013 Mid-Year Estimate for wards - working age

A04 Internal Migration 2011

A05 Profile of Migration in Manchester, 2015

A06 2012-based SNPP for Manchester

A07 Ethnic Groups at ward level 2011

A11 Profile of Children in Manchester, 2015

A12 Profile of Older People in Manchester, 2013

A15 Manchester City Centre Population 2011

A16 Manchester Ward Boundaries

A17 2011 Ethnic Groups by broad age and sex

A20 1086-2014 Manchester population

A22 2013 MYE for wards by density

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