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People & communities Be Proud Awards


We have twelve categories this year. One of these will be a dual award; this means that there will be an award for an individual, and an award for a group (two or more people)

The categories are: 

  1. Special Recognition - sponsored by We Love MCR Charity
    Specifically recognises the strength of our city’s response to the tragic Manchester Arena attack in May. Use this category to nominate a person, project or organisation that stood tall and helped the community or neighbourhood pull through. Who really stepped up to the mark at the time of the attack or in the time since? 
  2. Blossoming Communities - sponsored by Southway Housing
    Those whose gardening glories or care of green spaces have changed the surroundings and lives of people who live, learn or work nearby. Give a green thumbs-up to the green fingers who make Manchester’s neighbourhoods more attractive. 
  3. Bringing Communities Together - sponsored by Wythenshawe Forum
    For projects and events that bring people together in friendship to celebrate their diverse cultures and heritage. Manchester communities stand together for equality and inclusion – let’s reward those bringing these values to life. 
  4. Business in the Community - sponsored by Manchester Airport
    Focusing on the businesses that really put something extra back into their community: it could be staff time, skills or money. Good businesses make our city tick – let’s support the ones who make good neighbours too.
  5. Clean Neighbourhood - sponsored by Biffa
    This could be for a project, an exceptional individual, or a group that has worked to involve the community in keeping their neighbourhood clean for all, through organising clean-ups, taking a stand against flytipping, or raising awareness of how to report any issues.
  6. Community Force - sponsored by Manchester City Council
    Acknowledge a person or group that has stood up to adversity, worked hard to keep their neighbourhoods safe, or helped make their community proud of where they live. Nominate those making our city a peaceful, welcoming place. 
  7. Community Project of the Year - sponsored by Manchester Arndale
    Recognising fresh thinking at the heart of a neighbourhood that unites people and brings an idea, that’s important to them, to life. It could be something in a park, school, library, community or leisure centre, local shops or anywhere else in the community that’s special to those who live there. Let’s say thank you to those team players who’ve worked together to make something great happen.
  8. Creativity in the Community - sponsored by Sculpture Hall Cafe
    Nominate any creative project that strengthens communities and benefits people: from community arts, writing, reading and music, to creative use of technology or social media. Manchester is a hive of creativity – let’s applaud the ones who make it buzz. 
  9. Neighbour of the Year - sponsored by One Manchester
    A perfect opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to a neighbour whose kindness, practical help and support have made a real difference to you or your community. Let’s recognise how special they are. 
  10. Recycling Project of the Year - sponsored by Redgate
    Let’s celebrate people who’ve found great ways to get others recycling more; from neighbours and schools, to businesses and community groups, and also getting the right waste into the right bin. They’ll be making Manchester greener, saving money and improving the whole environment for all. 
  11. Volunteer of the Year (dual award) - sponsored by Wythenshawe Community Housing Group
    Highlighting the exceptional contribution made by volunteers – the backbone of Manchester – who give their time to improve the lives or surroundings of others. Out of the thousands who volunteer, let’s find the selfless person and the stand-out group who, time and again, have given their time for free.
  12. Young Achiever of the Year (under-18) - sponsored by Rowlinsons
    Young Mancunians are leading by example with their ambition for the future of our city. Nominate an under-18 whose passion and pride can inspire us all to aim higher, and raise our hopes for how great Manchester can be. 

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