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Naming and numbering

We are responsible for naming new roads and keeping a record of all existing road names in the city. New properties or sub-division of existing properties need to be allocated postal numbers.

We are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the city's street name plates, including problems caused by accidents, vandalism and general wear and tear.

What you can do

You can apply to name and number a house or road if:

  • the property is a new building that needs naming and numbering;
  • if an existing property has been re-developed and new flats or business units need renaming and/or renumbering;
  • if the development created new sections of streets or roads that need naming.

What we can do 

We maintain details of historical renaming and renumbering proposals, together with some historical information relating to streets in Manchester.

Submit a street naming and numbering application form with an A3 or A4 plan covering all properties to be numbered. You will be invoiced separately for the correct amount, please note there is no VAT charge for Street Naming and Numbering.

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