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There are over 6 million carers in the UK, which saves the economy £87 billion per year. In Manchester alone, 60,000 carers provide unpaid support for a relative, friend or neighbour - so isn't it time that carers received the support they need?  

This information has been written to provide essential information for carers and those who work with carers in Manchester. It is a tool with which every carer should be equipped in order to find out about their rights, vital services, benefits and much more.

The information here has been co-ordinated by Manchester City Council and has been supported by the Carers Strategy Group.

You can also get information from the CarersDirect NHS website.

Carers UK is a range of information delivered via the website.

Manchester City Council also maintains a directory of services, activities and opportunities, many of which are for carers and many of which are free. Take a look at MyManchesterServices for more information.

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