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Consultations & surveys Consultation: proposals for having licences for privately rented houses in Moston

This consultation ended on Friday 2 June.

We're reviewing the feedback and will announce the decision in early 2018.

By law we are allowed to introduce ‘selective licensing schemes’ in areas of Manchester. In these areas private landlords, or their managing agents, have to have a licence for each home they rent out. To get licences they would have to pay and meet certain standards.

See the licence fee and standards

We have the power to introduce selective licensing in areas where there's one or more of these issues:

  • a low demand for houses – with few people wanting to live there
  • significant and persistent problems with antisocial behaviour
  • high levels of crime
  • a lack of basic necessities
  • houses that are in a poor condition
  • people only renting houses for a short period of time.

We believe it would improve these things to introduce selective licensing in these areas. To make sure that selective licensing helps to improve the social or economic conditions we want to introduce the scheme in areas of Moston - more on selective licensing.

See where we want to run the scheme

We believe that licences will make landlords better and improve the quality of houses. In turn this will:

  • make more people want to live in the area
  • make people want to stay in the area for longer
  • cut the length of time houses are empty — increasing the rental income for landlords
  • increase property values as the area improves
  • reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.

Read the executive meeting minutes (Item 5)

To introduce selective licensing we need to consult people who may be affected by the scheme, including the residents and landlords with properties in the area. You can give your views on our online form.

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