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Proposed updates on the Eastlands regeneration framework

In 2011 the Council approved the Eastlands Regeneration Framework, which was developed to guide a wide range of actions and activities emerging at the Etihad Campus. The scale of these opportunities had not been anticipated in 2007, when the second East Manchester Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) was being developed and consulted upon. As such, the Eastlands Regeneration Framework was intended to update the SRF and to capture the opportunities for very significant development in Openshaw West and Beswick. The Framework also put in place guidance for the development of the wider Eastlands area.

Summary of the proposals

Over the last four years the positive macro-economic environment has underpinned a resurgent city in development terms. There is strong investor confidence in Manchester as a place to invest with a robust investment pipeline established for new commercial and residential development.

The significant momentum created by this investment and development activity at the eastern edge of the city centre, combined with the development platform now in place at the Etihad Campus, presents an exciting opportunity to maintain that momentum and encourage further investment into the Etihad Campus and the wider area, particularly the neighbourhoods of Holt Town and Lower Medlock Valley, which connect the city centre with the Etihad Campus via the Ashton Canal Corridor.

Connecting the eastward expansion to the development platform that has been put in place at the Etihad Campus has determined that a new planning framework is required to connect these two drivers together. As such the 2017 Eastlands Regeneration Framework should be considered with a view to shaping the market, continuing to meet the needs of east Manchester and the city along with being capable of capturing new investment opportunities.

This new framework will guide the next phase of commercial and associated development in and around the Etihad Campus, putting in place the conditions to project the development energy created there, westwards along the Ashton Canal Corridor to connect with the established eastward expansion of the city centre.  Creating places for new jobs and new homes will be at the heart of the Ashton Canal Corridor development area.

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