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Manchester is sharing its sympathy with the family and friends of Labour MP and Father of The House of Commons Sir Gerald Kaufman who passed away aged 86.

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Crime, antisocial behaviour & nuisance Community resolutions (restorative meetings)

What are community resolutions (restorative meetings)?

Restorative meetings are a way of dealing with some types of crime and/or antisocial behaviour. They bring together the person responsible for the crime or anti social behaviour and the person affected by the crime or antisocial behaviour. All that take part are provided with support by our trained facilitators.

It offers you the chance to tell the person responsible how their behaviour has affected you. The person responsible will then be given the opportunity to repair this harm and make amends. Community resolutions is a free service provided to Manchester residents and aims to support everyone involved to put things right.

This process can only take place if:

  • both you and the person responsible want it to; and
  • we agree that this approach will give the best positive outcomes.

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