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The Council & democracy The Members of the Executive

The Executive Members in 2015 / 16

The Executive is the main decision making body of the Council, responsible for implementing the budgetary and policy framework of the Council.  Each of the 9 members also has individual special responsibility for a particular area of the Council's services and policies.

Questions to The Members of the Executive

Councillor Richard Leese

Leader of the Council
Sir Richard Leese

Email the Leader:

Leads on:

- Digital Economy (Business Development)
- Economic Development
- External Relationships
- Legal Services
- Overall Policy Coordination
- Public Services Reform  
- Support on Regeneration (North Manchester)

The Leader's Blog

Secretarial Support: Deborah Dua - 0161 234 3711

Councillor Sue Murphy

Statutory Deputy Leader of the Council
Councillor Sue Murphy

Email the Deputy Leader:

Leads on:

- Digital Economy (Skills)
- Employment & Skills including 16-24
- Equalities
- Inclusion including Family Poverty
- Public Services Reform (Worklessness)
- Support on Regeneration (South Manchester & Wythenshawe)
- Voluntary Sector 

PA Support: Paula Crosby - 0161 234 3344

Cllr Bernard Priest

Deputy Leader
Councillor Bernard Priest

Email the Deputy Leader:

Leads on:

- Cemeteries & Allotments
- Communications
- Crime & Community Safety
- Management of Physical Environment & Environmental Services
- Maintenance of Parks
- Neighbourhood Management including Waste Strategy & Collection
- Public Services Reform (Reforming Justice)

PA Support: Teresa McKeon - 0161 234 3311

Councillor Paul Andrews

Executive Member for Adult Health and Wellbeing
Councillor Paul Andrews

Email the Executive Member:

Leads on:

- Adult Social Care
- Health
- Public Services Reform Health & Social Care
- Public Services Reform-Troubled Families (with Children's Services)
- Supporting People

Assistant Executive Member:  Councillor Emily Rowles
PA Support: Sharon McCombe & Lisa Booth (Job-Share) - 0161 234 3345 &

Cllr Newman

Executive Member for Children's Services
Councillor Sheila Newman

Email the Executive Member:

Leads on:

- 14-19
- Children & Families
- Early Years
- Lead Member Under Section 19 of the Children's Act 2004
- Overall responsibility for all matters affecting Children & Young People (Every Child Matters)
- Public Services Reform (Early Years)
- Schools 

Assistant Executive Member:  Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar
PA Support: Tina Howard-Bryning - 0161 234 3328

 Councillor Rosa Battle
Executive Member for Culture & Leisure
Councillor Rosa Battle

Email the Executive Member:

Leads on:

- Cultural Strategy
- Events
- External Arts/Sports Bodies
- Galleries & Museums
- Indoor/Outdoor Leisure
- Libraries
- Markets & Hospitality & Trading Services
- Sport & Sport Development
- Youth Offer
- Clean and Green

Assistant Executive Member:  Councillor Angeliki Stogia
PA Support: Tina Howard-Bryning - 0161 234 3328

Cllr Kate Chappell

Executive Member for Environment
Councillor Kate Chappell

Email the Executive Member:

Leads on:

- Green issues and Climate Change
- Manchester Contracts & Parking
- Planning & Licensing Policy
- Transport Policy including Highways

Assistant Executive Member:  Councillor Ollie Manco
PA Support: Janet Schofield - 0161 234 3003




Councillor John Flanagan

Executive Member for Finance & Human Resources
Councillor John Flanagan

Email the Executive Member:

Leads on:

- Budget
- Council Tax & Benefits
- Human Resources
- Resource Procurement
- Performance

Assistant Executive Member:  Councillor Luthfur Rahman
PA Support: Moiré Walker - 0161 234 4706


Councillor Nigel Murphy

Executive Member for Neighbourhood Services
Councillor Nigel Murphy

Email the Executive Member:

Assistant Executive Member:  Councillor Yasmine Dar
PA Support: Teresa McKeon - 0161 234 3311





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