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Understanding Population Statistics

Manchester's population statistics are calculated from various sources and are not a true count of individual residents. If you need population data for service planning or research purposes, be aware that the reliability of this data is variable and that they are published here as an indication of the population and its characteristics only.

The following terms and methods are used for calculating the population:

  • Estimates: provided annually by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) at local authority level, based on the previous Census and births, deaths and migration data.
  • Projections : provided every two or three years by ONS at local authority level, based on estimates and evidence from the previous five years of demographic data.
  • Experimental datanew data, not previously supplied by ONS and based on evidence from the Census, estimates and demographic data, for new topics or geographic areas.
  • Forecasts: not provided by ONS, but from consultancies, think tanks and academics, based on estimates and projections, and adding proposed changes to the dwelling stock or policy implications.
  • Contrived/derived data: provided by the Council and based on ONS estimates, projections and experimental data, manipulated for new topics or geographic areas.

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