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Formal response to the 2017 Taxi Licensing Fee review, we received 87 written responses and two petitions in reply to the Proposed Fees consultation.

Those responses were given full consideration and whilst most simply stated a desire for the fees not to increase, two objections identified an imbalance in vehicle licence fees that prompted further examination and re-validation of the data, activity and calculations that produced the proposed fees. This has resulted in a re-balancing of the costs applied to different licence types and a number of fees have been modified from those advertised on 4 August 2017. All fees are listed here, which you’ll see that 7 of the fees have reduced from those advertised. 5 of the vehicle fees need to increase from those advertised, and in the interests of being fully transparent and reasonable, those 5 individual fees are being re-advertised with a new consultation period of a further 28 days. A more detailed response in respect of comments received in objection to the August consultation will be provided in due course.

Please let us take this opportunity to assure you, that all of this in turn prompted a further full review of the data and cost calculations within the whole model, to reconfirm that it accurately reflects our evidence of the time and cost associated with each process and licence type.

Manchester continues to work hard to ensure the costs of the service remain as low and reasonable as possible. When the Fees were reviewed and calculated prior to being advertised (4  August 2017), weeks of painstaking work had been done to collate and verify the calculations. This work is naturally time consuming and every effort is made to ensure it is accurate. It is of some reassurance that the consultation process works, and resulted in adjustments on this occasion. The further review and verification has been done in conjunction with colleagues outside the Unit in Finance and Technical Support, and I remain confident that the fees are calculated to accurately reflect and recover our current service costs only.

Please be further assured that we continually review how efficiencies can be made within the service to keep costs reasonable, and reviewing processes to ensure they are rigorous and robust.

Thank you for your feedback which hopefully you can see we have fully considered.

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