Manchester City Council

Parking Suspensions and dispensations

Suspending parking bays and getting permission to park on yellow lines

Suspending an on-street parking bay

We will suspend the use of on-street pay and display bays for specific reasons. We will consider applications for:

  • building operations;
  • domestic removals;
  • weddings, funerals or special events;
  • delivery of goods taking longer than the permitted time;
  • filming (essential vehicles only such as lighting generators, props vehicles). 

The cost is £30 per day, per bay.

Dispensation to park on yellow lines

A dispensation allows a specified vehicle to park on single or double yellow lines during restricted hours in a particular location, for a specific time. A certificate is issued which must be displayed clearly in the vehicle.

The cost is £30 per vehicle, per day

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Was this page helpful?